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Cloud Accounting Services 

Helping mirco and small business to get their accounts into digital formats by implementing cloud accounting such as Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Xero, Sage 50. As the software gives a business overview of the business performance without the requirements of a report and easy to understand for everyone. In addition, offering how-to videos to help my clients using the software. Getting business to use this software is becoming a focus of J.Jervis Accounting Services. Freeagent is free to any Netwest and RBS customers


Financial self-assessment, Corporate tax returns

Management accounts

This service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of data throughout the financial year, which helps with the overall management of your business.

Rather than simply conducting an end-of-year review, management accounts summarise a business’s performance regularly, be it every month, fortnight or week.

Along with a regular performance review, you will receive advice on potential future projections for the rest of the period. Hence you can continuously review and plan for both short-term and long-term decisions.

Sage 50, Freeagent


Payroll involves all procedures concerned when a company employs staff, such as salaries, statuary pay and tax. Payroll can be handled internally, but a qualified third party should provide a more complete operation; ensuring the process is correct, efficient and hassle-free.

J. Jervis Accounting Services can help with your payroll, no matter the size of your business. We can take care of weekly or monthly payroll, including calculations for NI and tax. These are rather crucial, of course!

Employees can be directly impacted if payroll has been carried out incorrectly. It can lead to incidents of complaints and resentment. This is something every business wants to avoid, so by bringing in a professional, you’re ensuring payroll is correct and employee expectation is met.

Financial accounts, Year-end tax returns / Financial self-assessment

Self assessments

This is the process of assessing how much tax an individual or company owes from their income. The correct amount of tax to pay must be calculated and submitted by specific self-assessment deadlines.

It can be a laborious task and quite complex – especially as tax return legislation is ever-changing. There is also the pressure to ensure you have calculated the correct amount and not missed important deadlines, which can result in fines.

J. Jervis Accounting Services can take this complicated task off your hands, freeing you up to do what you do best – running your business! Focus on your areas of expertise and let us look after the tax stuff.

Bookkeeping, Cloud accounting - Quickbooks

Financial accounts

Financial accounts are all about keeping track of an organisation’s transactions. The process involves recording, summarising and reporting on any financial movements that your business is involved in.

This means working from standardised guidelines to prepare financial statements, which present the company’s financial performance during a specific period of time. This performance is prepared for external bodies to consider, such as investors, suppliers or stakeholders.

It is important that financial accounts are recorded and filed correctly to ensure legal compliance and business conduct. If you don’t have an internal individual with the knowledge to do this, you will need an external professional, who can take on the responsibility.

Iris, Xero


Bookkeeping is the process of managing a business’s day-to-day financial operations. This crosses over with Financial Accounts, recording transactions such as sales, purchases, receipts and bills.

The correct recording of these transactions is crucial as they are required to be filed for tax and VAT purposes. Again, failing to do this can result in penalties, so it’s not a matter to take lightly.

Bookkeeping can be especially frustrating for business owners that have to deal with high volumes of sales. If you don’t have the knowledge or time (or inclination!) to keep track, it is definitely adviseable to bring in a professional.

We’re experienced in all matters of bookkeeping plus can give real time guidance on where your business stands financially. It’s amazing how many business owners do not know how their Profit & Loss is looking.

Financial self-assessment, Corporate tax returns

Day-to-day transaction

As referred to above, the daily recording of your business transactions is vital to maintaining financial control. This includes all sales transactions as well as cash and accounts payable and receivable.

Day-to-day transactions can be a pain to keep on top of, especially if you’re a start-up and just getting used to all the paperwork – so why not let us help?

We understand what it takes to run a business and keeping track of every single detail can be exhausting. Tasks that are completed by an external professional can also give a fresh pair of eyes to the business.

Year-end tax returns, Accounts preparation
Year-end tax returns, IAAP

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